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100 Official Stamps Booklet — 01/100 The Brewery (Kendal)

I’m up in Kendal this weekend and by chance there is some Stand Up Comedy on at the famous Brewery. I couldn’t believe it, my ‘100 Official Stamps Booklet’ starts today!

The Brewery - Kendal

The Brewery — Kendal

MC Chris Cains starts the night off and warms up the pizza munching crowd. It’s pizza and comedy night tonight, so all I could see was armies of seriously tasty pizzas, YAHOO.

The Comics on tonight were Steve BugejaDuncan Oakley and Wes Zaharuk.

Duncan Oakley started in a calm confident way and then really got going when he picked up his trusty guitar. I especially loved his song The South American Cat that he wrote, played and sang!

Stand Up Comic - Duncan Oakley

Stand Up Comic — Duncan Oakley

Next up was the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2013 Winner Steven Bugeja. With his disjointed struggles we can all relate to and enjoy.

Stand up Comic - Steve Bugeja

Stand up Comic — Steve Bugeja

And finally the main act of the night, Wes Zaharuk, with his insane acts and continuous clothes changing! At one point he’d removed most of his clothes and had 2 sink plungers stuck to his chest. I thought it couldn’t get any more crazy… it did!

Stand Up Comic - Wes Zaharuk

Stand Up Comic — Wes Zaharuk

I loved the relaxed confidence of each comic and the variety of props one can use to help create the visuals within the audience’s minds. I will definitely explore using props in my future acts and see where they lead.

The next show at the Brewery, Kendal will be on the 28th June. I hope to see you there.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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