100 Official Stamps Booklet 03 + 04/100: Comedy Store, London

This weekend I will be doubling up on gigs! Not my own gigs, which I did on my first ever night all those weeks ago…! (not advised by the way) No, this time I will be going to the Comedy Store Soho on Friday and Saturday night to watch the same comics repeat their sets!

100 Official Stamps - 03/04

100 Official Stamps — 03/04

Sounds crazy, but I want to see whether the comics follow the same sets word for word, if the audience has an impact on the night and how the comic responds or carries off the same jokes. Also if the comics use completely different material and/or how much improvisation is used during any one gig. Also the Comedy Store has 2 shows a night — 7.30pm and 11pm.  Will the audience be more plastered on the later show, and therefore easier or harder for the comics to control and impress? 03/100: Comedy Store (Soho, London) 7.30pm start What is slightly confusing with the Comedy Store is that on Thursday the night starts at 8pm, whereas on the Friday and Saturday it starts at 7.30pm. Sadly, as we’d been to the Comedy Store on a Thursday previously, I made a massive boo boo and as we calmly walked in at 7.40pm thinking that the night would start at 8pm, it was already under way… Oh man, now all the seats were taken and we would have to either stand by the side or do the walk of shame into a seat whilst a comic is performing a.k.a certain death! Luckily we spotted 2 seats and after tripping over several bags and spilling most of our drinks, we were seated. I was starting to think that perhaps it was just 1 seat as we were so seriously hemmed in. Now came the real challenge: Getting your jacket off without actually being able to move any limbs whilst holding your drink between the knees, oh and also holding your wife’s drink too. Kerry Godliman was brilliant on stage tonight, with a refreshing twist on the daily struggles of life and how her children are possibly trying to kill her! I really wanted to get her performing at the Underground Comedy Club in Notting Hill. But she seems just too busy, so maybe next year, fingers crossed.

Stand Up Comic - Kerry Godiman

Stand Up Comic — Kerry Godliman

04/100: Comedy Store (Soho, London) 11pm start Ok, so I’m on my way back to the comedy store, alone! I want to see what the difference is on a late show. It starts at 11pm so most people will be rather drunk. Will they laugh more or be more abusive, or less interested. Will the comics get an easier ride or is this when you have to work for your money? Lets find out… Ok so I’m sitting on my own, Christ this is a massive sacrifice. Oh well I need to be exposed. Notes

  • There is continuous music during the announcements from the doors opening.
  • When they announce 1min to go, the lights go down and they play their ticket music.
  • They reversed the order of the acts and added a 10 min act. To achieve this they reduced to a single half time interval.
  • The MC Alan Cochrane  nailed a group of stags who I, at the moment, would have no idea to take down. He talked as if they were children separating them from the group and talking about them in the third person. He also explained to the audience that you need to be like a teacher in this situation. Asking if there are any teachers and getting them on his side.

So far the comics have stuck to the same script, though there is flexibility within their set. There is obviously plenty of material in the bag, which pops in and out the fixed set whenever needed. This must come with experience and years of trial and error. I noticed that everyone is a lot more drunk, people seem a lot less interested in the comedy as if it is just a bit of entertainment between the pub and the club of their London weekend. Everyone is happily talking more and pissed women keep walking in and out of the show continuously. In fact there is at least 3 people walking to the toilets whilst the comics are on stage. This is massively disrespectful to the comics and the other people who have paid over £25 per ticket. This is something I would need to learn to handle if I wish to survive a late event at the Comedy Store.

Great line by Alan Cochrane  ‘Banker’s always say “I work hard and I play hard!” really… you look tired!’

MC - Alan Cochrane

MC and Comic — Alan Cochrane

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