Underground Comedy Club

1 week to go until The Underground Comedy Club presents: Angela Barnes

It’s only 1 week until the 2nd stand up comedy night at the Underground Comedy Club on the 12th June.

I’m feeling much more organised and in control this time as a lot of things are in place, i.e. the layout of the space (seating/tables), the lighting for the audience and the stage, as well as those little extras you always forget about, like the cash box, mic stands, rubber ink stamp.

I have all the flyers and tickets printed as well as new cordless mics (as you might remember, the mics and speakers played up last time), so there will be no late minute panic.

New Mics

I also felt we needed a bit more info during the night and as there are TV screens on the walls I’m building a PowerPoint thing to play during the intervals as a way of giving more info to the audience about what’s happening, who is performing, up and coming events and other pieces of info like mailing list links and Facebook links.

I’ve also changed my flyers from just the logo to look more like mini‐posters as I feel it has a more visual impact.

Flyers 12th June

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