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My 19th Gig: That Thing Is Comedy (Islington, London)

I’ve just come off stage and I feel great! That was so much fun. I felt relaxed, the audience laughed, I interacted, I did some ad lib, I moved around the stage. It felt very very natural.

Dan Tambling - That thing is comedy

Tonight’s gig was in Islington, with 4 comics all doing 10 – 15mins. I was lucky as I went on stage last and as a result the initial 6 audience members grew to 25! Phew… maybe I should believe in luck more, though tonight I really pushed myself to perform more in the moment and forget about whether it’s funny or not.

After the last gig at the Underground Comedy Club I had really spent a long time thinking about what went wrong and what I can learn from this. I’d deciding to go back and re‐work previous material, instead of ploughing on ahead with new material again and again, hammering my confidence in the process.

It was the right decision by the reactions of tonight.

I was going to film this set, but I decided I would keep working on the set and film it in a few weeks… damn!

I think it would’ve been a great clip to use for all those gigs and competitions that require uploaded videos, but that isn’t going to stop the buzz I’m feeling right now.

Comics keep asking me what is my best night? What was the one where you smashed it? Until tonight I felt I hadn’t reached that, and was feeling this was not going as well as I had hoped, but tonight was easily the best one yet and to top it all off I did exactly 10 mins! Double wicked.

I was on the bill with Olaf Falafel, supposedly the 8th best comedian in Sweden, a maths obsessed James Bennison and Jenny Collier who has a brilliant, relaxed ‘in the moment’ style.

I’ll ask her if she is available for a 10 min spot at the Underground Comedy Club early next year.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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