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1hr slot available at the The Etcetera Theatre; possible Camden Fringe preview show!

I’ve just received an email offering me the chance to book a slot at the Ecetrca Threatre where I can do a 1hr show!

Etcetera theatre image

This is great, but am I ready? They are offering a slot on the 22nd June to perform an hour show. This seems a little too soon, but this is a great opportunity to see how my show is shaping up… hang on a second, I have my own venue! The Underground Comedy Club. I can put on a 1hr show whenever I want!

Prince Edward Notting Hill - Home of the Underground Comedy Club

Prince Edward Notting Hill — Home of the Underground Comedy Club


Prince Edward Notting Hill — Home of the Underground Comedy Club

I never thought of this before… I can set up a taster for my Camden Fringe show in Late July. I do not even need to do an hour. I could just do 30mins and I could get other people involved if they also want to do 20 or 30mins of their Ed Fringe or Camden Fringe show!

We could set up the event as a Festival Preview night and get 3 acts on the bill. I love it! I’m going to do it.

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