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1hr Solo Stand‐up Comedy Show, or Should I Say Shows!

I’m just waiting for confirmation of my spot at the Ed Fringe. This is exciting, though part of me is thinking I’m taking on too much, and I’m going to mess up both events. I should focus on the Camden Fringe Festival at the Grafton.

The Grafton - Kentish Town

The Grafton — Kentish Town

The more I think about it, the more this could be true. I don’t want to water down shows and it’s unlikely they will be the same as I’m building a bit of a stage set in the Camden Fringe show as I have time to prepare, but in the Ed fringe they have only given me 10 mins either side!

Also, I have no idea what to expect at Edinburgh. I went last year as a punter but I was totally unprepared. I saw whatever shows were still available and never really knew what was going on or where I was.

I did promise myself before I step on any stage in any venue I would at least watch a comedy night there, get a feel for the room and familiarise myself with the way each night goes. Christ, remember the gig at the Cavendish Arms!

Fail to prepare Prepare to fail”

On that note I think I better get back to the events organisers and cancel the Ed Fringe week.

Ok I have sent the email. It’s done. I now feel some much happier. Lets just focus on the Camden Fringe and make it really really great.

Just to clear something up. The Ed Fringe and the Camden Fringe overlap as the Camden Fringe was created for comics who just couldn’t keep spend huge amounts of money doing the Ed Fringe for a month.

Camden Fringe Image 02
Camden Fringe Festival 28th July - 24th Aug 2014

Camden Fringe Festival 28th July — 24th Aug 2014

Yes, let’s just focus on the Camden Fringe Show. 11th‐13th and 18th‐20th Aug at the Grafton. It’s going to be great. You can purchase tickets on the Camden Fringe website or on the door.

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