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3rd gig at Underground Comedy Club: Christian Reilly

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It’s that time again when I get seriously nervous and overwhelmed!

That’s right it’s the 3rd monthly night @ Underground Comedy Club, Notting Hill. Tonight we have an army of pro acts ready to unleash their comedy magic onto the ridiculously excited audience.

This is also my 11th gig, (I am not including my 2 MC sets for the previous 2 gigs @ Underground Comedy Club as it is a completely different experience) and therefore I’m hoping my new material will be a success.

I’ve started to feel that I get a little more extreme and a little more crazy each time I perform, (basically more like the normal Dan); and the less I question myself throughout the act, the more I enjoy it.

Tonight is a big one as lots of friends will be there and I’ve only done this set once before! Also the last event was not exactly brilliant (damn you world cup!) I supposed the best thing to do is go for it!

I’ve decided the event will be without mics for the whole night! Sounds crazy, but it’s better to have no mics than a mic that cuts out half‐way through! Lewis Schaffer was not exactly happy about this, he strongly believes: “Microphones best, loud equals funny”.

I couldn’t agree more, but if the mics cut out again I would look like a complete dick!

As I set up the room and the sweat poured down my back, I couldn’t help thinking, we need fans, lots of them. Christ, why is this basement so hot surely basements are supposed to be cool!?

Oh well, before that sweaty incident, I’d spent the week leading up to the event thinking about marketing. I just felt flyers were not the best way forward and therefore I’d asked all the comics if they could FB and Tweet about the event. They all happily agreed and we were off! Yahoo! This would push the event to 1000’s of people who I could have never reached, and people who are already fans of the comics performing.

I also used Time Out London and Chortle to see if they would drawn the crowds. I must have done something right as at least 20 people phoned the Prince Edward the week of the Comedy night and I found out yesterday that one comic even mentioned the gig on the radio! How amazing is that!

Lewis Schaffer (MC) @ Underground Comedy Club

Lewis Schaffer (MC) performing @ Underground Comedy Club

Lewis Schaffer was the MC for the evening and strolled on stage as if he was in his own kitchen having everyone laughing in seconds. He’s clearly been doing this for a long time as he kept whipping out random jokes and stories from all corners of his life.

This was the first time I’ve had a pro comic to do the MC stuff at the Underground Comedy Club and I felt it was the correct decision. I’m clearly not experienced enough to play the role yet. There are so many skills needed to keep the audience engaged and everything moving seamlessly forward.

UCC - Milo McCabe

Milo McCabe performing his latest Comedy Character ‘Troy Hawk’ @ Underground Comedy Club

Milo McCabe who was opening had transformed himself into his latest character Troy Hawk. He was calm and silky as always, happily getting the wrong end of the stick or trying to become a racist! I love Milo’s characters and hope to see many more of them at the Underground Comedy Club.

Eddy Brimson performing  @ Underground Comedy Club

Eddy Brimson performing @ Underground Comedy Club

Eddy Brimson was next to blow the audience away with a brilliant set mainly about his love of pandas! Everyone was crying with laughter as Eddy happily explained his sudden interest into the panda and how those knobs on the streets who try and make you sign up to charities really piss him off!

Finally it was time for me to get up there and do my stuff. At that point I’d completely forgotten everything (this appears to be a recurring thing!) I’d even gone outside in the interval to try and focus! As usual, at the last minute I decided to add some untested material about selfies (or facies…) and off I went.

It was great, I loved it. I got some really big laughs and didn’t think for a second about how much of a dick I must have looked doing a random sex position whilst explaining how to make babies! Then pretending to be my wife who had taken a sudden personal vendetta against all salad in the world! As well as turning into Godzilla destroying half of Portobello Market!

It was over in a flash and as I walked off, I felt it was a job well done. Eddy Brimson said I really enjoyed your stuff mate, you’ve also got a very likeable style :-)” 

And Lewis Schaffer said I was surprised you’ve only been doing comedy for 11 shows. Some rough spots but mostly good. Don’t stop” 

Wow, some seriously positive stuff from the big boys. I couldn’t believe it especially as I had only tried that material out once before!

Christian Reilly

Christian Reilly — Headliner performing @ Underground Comedy Club

Finally it was time for the headliner. I first saw Christian Reilly at the Comedy Store and couldn’t stop laughing from the second he stepped on stage. I was so excited when he said he was happy to perform at the Underground Comedy Club! His songs are crazy in a great way and if you haven’t seen him you must!

I was hoping he would perform a song about his ex‐girlfriend, though as we were not using mics he couldn’t do it (you’ll understand once you see him perform it!)


The night was a real success and has cemented the idea in my head that the Underground Comedy Club is here to stay, especially as I later found out that an events agency, 9 Yard Events, had popped along to see what we were all about. I couldn’t believe it, it was happening, word is starting to spread and people are starting to come and get involved.

All we need now is more punters and we will be rocking! OK, I now need to start preparing for the next event on the 14th August. Hopefully see you all there.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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