The Amused Moose Laugh Off 2014 — Qualifying results are in!

Amused Moosed Laugh Off Competition

Amused Moosed Laugh Off Competition

I got an email this morning, it was from Hils Jago in regards to the results of the competition. I speed read the email, taking exactly nothing in and have to read it again…

It starts with a bit of self praising about how they managed to beat their own deadline of letting us know the outcome of the qualifying rounds. That’s really great, though I’m feeling slightly selfish at this very moment and really just want to know if I got through the first round…

It carries on, something about there being so many entrees, that the bar was raised blah blah blah, so only 30% of those entrees will be going through blah blah blah…this does not look good. This email is starting to feel like that situation when the girl you’re seeing is slowly listing the reasons why it’s over, but in doing so draws the painful process out as long as possible, ending with we can still be friends…

There were 40 people in my group and there had been 10 groups, so using all my skills I learnt in GCSE maths that meant that with around 400 entrees, only 120 or so were going through. Blah blah blah, christ this could possibly the longest email I have ever read.

Finally it says…

It has not been possible to include you in the next round”

Oh balls… that was the exact opposite response as I was hoping for!

On the upside, the email says that BBCWorldwide/2entertain will be looking out for me in the future, so please don’t keep all my success a secret…

Oh and it also seems that I have signed a contract until 3rd November 2014 preventing me from signing anything in to do with DVD or audio‐visual recordings. Well I say preventing, it actually says I have to discuss it with BBCWorldwide/2entertain.

Right… no point crying over spilt milk… well, a little cry will not hurt!

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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