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Prep for the Angel Raw gig

Angel Raw - Image
The Line Up for the Angel Raw. It's official

The line‐up for the Angel Raw. It’s official, I can’t back out now!

Ok so the pressure is on once again.

I already have a set, it’s about my Nan’s unique world that I accidentally got sucked into. I have so much material about my nan that I really need to test some of it out. ‘So why the worry ?’ I hear you ask.

Well while brainstorming this week, I got excited about something else; this happens all the time. I am now wanting to try out stuff about people’s obsession with Selfies (even though I keep calling them Facies by mistake!)

Mind Mapping - Selfie Story Board 01

Mind Mapping — Selfie Story Board 01

Mind Mapping - Selfie Story Board 01

Mind Mapping — Selfie Story Board 02

I also want to talk about the obsession of people needing their photos taken every 5 mins by other people! “TAKE MY PHOTO…NOW!” or worse “TAKE OUR PHOTO… AGAIN… AGAIN !” This happens whenever we are out, even though they always seem to be the same photos of 3 women standing in a line! It’s a random obsession as they almost always want them deleted instantly, as if people have forgotten how much they dislike their actual faces!

I also have a friend, who when modelling (she’s a model) looks down the lens like she’s making love (or words to that affect) to the camera. I’ve got to get that in there somewhere too.

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