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Be A Great Stand-Up by Logan Murray

I actually bought this book ‘Be a Great Stand Up’ by Logan Murray over two years ago, when I first thought about taking the plunge to do stand up comedy. Once the book arrived I got distracted with life and it found its way onto the book shelf with all the other books I never quite opened.

Be a Great Stand-Up by Logan Murray

Be a Great Stand-Up by Logan Murray

I finally took it off the, now dusty, shelf after I returned from my honeymoon and loved it from the start. It’s full of great ideas, but I didn’t really want to do any of the exercises as they all required a bit of effort.

After completing the book (minus many of the exercises) I looked back and realised I had highlighted almost half the book! I better read this book again as it’s clearly pumped with great ideas. After the second read, and engaging with a few more exercises, everything started to make a lot more sense.

The book is a great source of info for any rookie or more experienced comic. It explains everything from where jokes come from, to exploring what type of comic you might be, how to create material (which isn’t simply from a blank piece of paper with the words ‘Today’s New Joke’ as the title!) to stage skills and how to book that all important first gig.

The book made me realise that there is comedy everywhere, everyday. It’s all around us and accidentally created by us all the time. It’s just opening your eyes to start seeing it that’s the key.

Re-connecting with your inner child, (something the grown up world has squeezed out of us) is paramount. The act of ‘playing’ is where the real humour lies. Those nights out with your mates messing around or adding that fun comment on to the end of someone else sentence sending it in a completely different direction is comedy. That is what people want to hear and be exposed to. They want to hear your side of the story. What you think about something or a situation we can all relate to.

Once completing the book for the second time I noticed it mentioned the short course run by Logan that I attended, aimed at helping beginner comics find their feet, make new comedy chums and fine tune those skills if any existed! If you’re interested in the course have a look at a previous blog post ‘Comedy Course Summary’, which reflects on my experiences.

I would highly recommend this book to any comedy wannabe, it’s a great starting point at a realistic price.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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