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A few hours before our 5th Event: Underground Comedy Club presents Marlon Davis

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I have decided not to perform this month and have replaced my spot with Laurence Owen.

What?!” I hear you say. “But, you’re on the flyer!”

I know, but I really do not want this to become the ‘Dan Tambling Show’ and I also want to see what the night feels like without the pressures of performing. All I need to do today is set up the night and enjoy.

Easy right? Wrong…

As I headed off to collect the portable PA system from FringeHire in Waterloo, I couldn’t help feeling a little concerned as we had only sold 6 tickets!

I’d mentioned on FB there were only 22 tickets left, which was true if everyone on the guest list was going to turn up (that included a few tickets for each comics’ friends and family as a thank you for ‘retweeting’ my tweets about the event to their 1000’s of followers.

On my FB event page it said 57 people were coming. WOW, FULL HOUSE. But for past events most of those people don’t seem to actually turn up!

People keep saying that ‘social media’ is the only way forward and flyers are out of date. But I’m not 100% convinced FB is really the best angle. It seems that on Facebook we are so overwhelmed with info that most things are missed or ignored. Just because someone has said they are attending an event doesn’t really mean they have any intention of actually attending.

Also sticking people on the guest list is not working as well as I had hoped. This is mainly due to:

No financial investment = No actual commitment.

Getting Londoners to commit is tricky. They are busy little creatures, filling their days with enough activities to fill a normal persons week, or month if one’s taking it easy.

Anyway, I can’t worry about this all day. I need to focus, I wouldn’t have time to go back to my house before the event tonight so I am carrying everything including a mic stand and soon a portable PA system across London.

I also need to collect flyers in Liverpool St too. Christ, I wish I’d brought a few more hands!

Ok PA System collected. This time with extra long cables so we do not have a repeat of last month.

Next, i’m meeting with a mate about a comedy idea, which is great as I get to bounce ideas off someone before I walk on stage and find out a joke wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped.

Next, collect flyers from Moo. As I walk into their tiny shop in Liverpool St, I am starting to look like I’m attempting to move home… on foot! It’s also a randomly hot day, so once again I’m a sweaty mess.

Great news. My flyers have apparently been given to another person! Christ does this mean someone is out there convinced they are performing the same event as me at the same venue!

Well sadly I don’t have time to go ‘completely mental’ about this as I need to set up my venue before someone else does!

I arrive on site with my arms and shoulders aching from carrying the equipment across London. On my way I kept getting dodgy looks from buskers in the Tubes as if I was attempting to set up my equipment any second and try to steal their punters!

The venue is ready. Everything is working and… suddenly without warning the mic jumps out of its stand and crashes to the floor! Then a crazy crackling screaming noise starts coming out if the speakers! Holy shit the mic is alive and has tried to hurt itself! Come on man, the night isn’t that bad!

Ok, this is getting serious now, the noise didn’t stop, something was wrong! With 25 mins before doors open, I was once again in a sudden panic!

I had no other cables long enough. What was I going to do? Should I once again revert back to the system in the venue?

A sudden idea popped into my head. Switch the cables with the ones from the speakers… I couldn’t imagine this would change anything… 15 mins till doors open… I try the mic… Holy shit it works! I can’t believe it!

Music on, lights dimmed, doors open, it’s show time.

Ding ding” Moo.com have just texted me, they have found my flyers…

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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