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Groucho & Me (Autobiography)

It’s book review time.

I was given this book: Groucho Marx & Me (the autobiography), for Christmas and after only 8 months I finally took it off the shelf and started to get stuck in. Within a few lines I was laughing.

Why the hell didn’t I open this book the second I got it!

Dan Tambling - Book Review - Groucho & me

The story of Goucho’s life is as crazy and entertaining as Groucho himself. His unique style comes through the text from the get go. His brilliantly wacky stories involving all the Marx brothers, his parents, where they once grew up, and the characters he met along the way (some a little more cut throat that he’d originally thought) are laugh out loud funny. I can actually hear Groucho’s voice going off on one as the stories unfold.

It’s a great autobiography, which involves lots of those facts and dates, learnings and losses, all nicely sewn together with a healthy thread of humour. Though I get the feeling that the playfulness and enjoyment of writing this book must have started to run out as the later chapters become a little more serious and a little less fun.

Maybe the best option, which is probably what Groucho would recommend, is to the read the first half twice.

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