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Bring on the big guns: TimeOut, Metro, Chortle


So far I have tried to hand out fliers, chat to chums, pop into local shops, give away free tickets and spent a lot of time Facebook spreading the word about the Underground Comedy Club.

It’s a lot of work and with the 3rd night coming up on the 17th July, I really want to get a lot more bums on seats. There are no guarantees people will come again or spread the word. London is a busy place.

People are insanely busy here, trying to get 3 days worth of work into a single day, whilst trying to juggle going out, relaxing and sleeping, not forgetting the eating and all that fitness stuff (usually on a running machine staring at a wall…gosh, how exciting!)

Then there’s the need to tell everyone how tired one is! and my favourite how stressful one’s life is! not to mention all that tutting, which I’m convinced is becoming a language in itself!

So can these super busy people squeeze in a night of comedy?

In my eyes it’s the best therapy on the shelf. A good 2 hours of hearty laughing is just what any Londoner needs, and it’s only £10 on the door. £8 if your organised.

Therefore I need to get this therapy to a wider audience.

Bring on the Big guns: TimeOut, METRO and Chortle

logosTimeOut London had the upcoming Underground Comedy Club night on its website within a few days and fingers crossed it’ll make it into the magazine too.

The METRO, with 1.9m readers daily, would run a single advert in the newspaper, but it would come at a slightly painful £200 + VAT. This was a big gamble and perhaps I should wait until the night is actually making a profit before I start handing out lump sums like that.

After registering with Chortle I was allowed to add the event to their website. I also decided to upgrade the advert to see is that helps too.

Obviously I will continue with the flyers and the Facebook madness, so lets hope the word can spread and the punters will come. We are going for a 60 seater sell out!

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.


  1. Peter Drake

    Hi Dan
    Just come across your web page when googling comedy club
    I am thinking of starting a monthly comedy club in a small market town in the north east. The venue is a 60 seater, well lit with and excellent pa. Plans for a bar are under way. What are the chances of success?

    June 25, 2016 · Reply

    1. Dan

      Hey Peter,

      That’s really exciting news.

      Chances of success all depends on how good you are at building awareness.

      It will take time to get the word out there and also build a loyal following. Who will keep coming back because they know you will provide a great night of entertainment.

      The best option is get on those social media platforms and tell everyone about your night and how great it is going to be. Tell them who is performing and why your night is going to be different.

      This will take time and energy, so it is best to start a few months before the opening night.

      Is this a pro night or a open mic night?


      June 26, 2016 · Reply

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