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Camden Fringe Festival 2014 — Is this a bridge too far!?

Christ I am either very brave or very stupid!

I have decided to go for it and do a 1hr show on my own in the Camden Fringe Festival 2014!

Camden Fringe Festival 28th July - 24th Aug 2014

Camden Fringe Festival 28th July — 24th Aug 2014

I can not believe it myself, this could be the biggest cock up of my life!

I thought 5mins of silence was long. Imagine 60mins of pure silence! Well, obviously there will be a 10 min interval so it’s more like two 25 minute sets of silence. That doesn’t sound too bad actually!

If I get a spot I will have 4 months to create a powerful, exciting, jaw dropping, belly exploding set! Shit, I better get practicing.

The first thing to do is to research all the venues. Luckily the Camden Fringe Website came in handy as they have done all the hard work for me. There were plenty of venues perfect for my one man show!

I chose seven venues and sent them requests. They needed to know the usual info. The genre of the show, duration, times of day or night, dates, no. of gigs, name of performance… umm hang on a second, name of performance!? 

Oh god I have no idea what I am going to call the show. I don’t even have a show let alone a name for it. I have done 2 different 5 minute sets so far and they were not exactly the most powerful mind‐blowing material. Let alone two 25 minute shows (I’m thinking free ice‐cream in the interval might be the way forward if anyone is still around!)

Ok I have gone for… wait for it…

Can the Real Dan Tambling Please Stand Up?’

What do you think? Well it’s too late anyway I have sent it to the venues. I chose those who were offering about 40 – 60 capacity with an affordable price tag.

So in no particular order (as I’ll take anything !):

  1. Belushis
  2. Canal Cafe Theatre
  3. Etcetera Theatre
  4. The Camden Head
  5. Hen & Chicken
  6. Sheep Haven Bay
  7. The Grafton

So it’s now a waiting game. I think I’ll give them a few days then a little jab in the ribs should do it. Though being British, it’s tricky to bother people too much, they might be busy! Haha.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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