Bad news, i’ve had to cancel my Camden Fringe Show…


So yesterday was the Camden Fringe get together party, but I wasn’t there as I had to pull out of the event!

Sadly I suddenly had millions of things going on in my life. Six of then have hit me like a sledgehammer all at once, yes SIX! I have never experienced such bad luck in all my life, but that is life and therefore you’ve got to just carry on.

I don’t really want to start handing out chunks of my non‐comedy life as that’s not really the point of the blog. But I can tell you it’s now been 3 months of continuous attack from all side!

Camden Fringe Image 02As a result I’ve been forced to cancel my 1hr solo show, otherwise I could end up with a rather rushed half‐baked cake of utter embarrassment!

I contacted the Camden Fringe and they, ummm, well let’s just say they were not exactly interested in my personal concerns and more interested in the possible damage I could have created between them and the venue…

Luckily I had already contacted the venue who were a little more human and asked if I was ok, and really hoped I would consider them for any future comedy events, which I definitely would as it’s a really nice space.

The Grafton - Kentish Town

The Grafton — Kentish Town

There is always next year, but I imagine the way the Camden Fringe reacted I can’t see my application ever getting approved!

Sorry Camden Fringe, I hope you have a great event.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.


  1. Camden Fringe

    Interesting read, Dan
    Looking back at the email you sent us cancelling your show, the reason you gave us was simply ” for unforeseen circumstances” which didn’t give us much personal insight into your reasoning or anything for us to sympathise with, other than your lack of psychic ability. Sorry if you felt we didn’t react appropriately to this.

    July 28, 2014 · Reply

    1. Dan

      Hey Camden Fringe.

      I hope your Aug event was a success, I saw some great acts who I will be offering spots on my monthly Underground Comedy Club night in Notting Hill.

      Looking back I should have given you a much clearer reason for not being able to perform my show at the Camden Fringe and for that I am sorry too.

      Thanks, Dan

      August 30, 2014 · Reply

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