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Money Wasted, Lesson Learnt!

Oh shit, I have been too organised! I printed off 150 postcard flyers ready to hand out for the next event — a great idea as everyone will leave knowing everything about the up and coming event — but after the last event I realised it’s better to lower the price and get a full house. I also wanted to give the punters a bigger bang for their buck and increase the number of pro comics from two to four!

Naturally I want everyone to know there will be these additional comedy geniuses involved and so the flyers I so eagerly printed are now useless…balls.

Money wasted, lesson learnt. 

Luckily Moo.com have just brought out it’s flyer range. Therefore I decided that I will explore this option as the poster cards, even though they are really sexy, are just too expensive for what I am trying to achieve.

New flyers from Moo.com

New flyers from Moo.com

Flyer variety from Moo.com

Flyer variety from Moo.com

I have decided to try out the DL flyer and get 500 of those bad boys printed (crumbs I hope there’s no more alterations needed!)

So a few hours of photoshop later and here we have the latest flyers for the 17th July UCC (Underground Comedy Club) presents Christian Reilly. What do you think ?

Flyer front and back - 17th July Underground Comedy Club presents Christian Reilly

Flyer front and back — 17th July Underground Comedy Club presents Christian Reilly

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