100 Official Stamps Booklet 10/100 : Green Man Festival (Powys, Wales)

I’m standing at the back of a tent in the middle of a field watching Josh Widdicombe talking about Super Noodles!

Green Man Festival - Josh Widd

Green Man Festival — Josh Widdicombe

I’m at the Green Man Festival in Wales. It’s a folk festival and to be honest I stumbled into the comedy tent by accident, saw Josh was performing and got excited.

Green Man Festival

Sports reporter turned ace observationalist Josh Widdicombe has the ability to find the sparkle in the mundane that puts him in line to be the next Sean Lock.” — Guardian

Josh has a great style, and happily performed for 45 mins effortlessly. He engaged with the audience and then subtly moved back to his material. I have been told that to keep up the energy for 45 – 60mins is very draining. Christ, imagine if it doesn’t go well from the start, that would be a very long 60 mins indeed!

He looked like he was very relaxed on stage. He knew his material and all the links. He wasn’t phased by interacting with the audience and look as if this was the first time he was talking about these things too.

I need to practice my links as I can’t look at my notes hand forever!

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