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Husband Half Hour Podcast 02

When a friend asks you to join her on a podcast, I thought ‘why not?’

For some reason the image in my head was 3 – 4 people sitting around a coffee table on sofas chatting about stuff, with those big mics hanging down above us.

Dan Tambling - Husband Half Hour 02

So I was a little confused when I taken into the Tommy Cooper room in the Museum of Comedy.

Dan Tambling - Museum of Comedy 01What was more confusing was that the room was laid out as if a performance was about to start!

Oh god, what have I signed up for? Susan Husband and other performers are on stage running through details whilst lights are being tested and the infamous words “sound check” are echoing around this compact room.

I look down at my un‐ironed t‐shirt and think…“shit

It turns out there will be an live audience watching the show, and shortly after I was told this, in they came! If only I’d known I would have invited a few people (and ironed my t‐shirt!)

The event was pumped with an eccentric energy, Susan and her co‐host were both dressed as fruit sellers on a market stall. Supposedly she had 30 bananas wrapped around her last time to get her in the market vibe!

D - hhh 04

D - HHH 01With special guests from the museum, comedy sex symbols such as Wilfredo, and supposed comedy venue experts like myself(!) adding our bits to the mix, it created a fun night to watch and be involved in.

Dan Tambling - Husbands half hour

Husbands Half Hour — from Left to right — Matt Roper, French girl from the Museum of Comedy, Ryan, Katie Pritchard, Dan Tambling and Elastic Band

If you fancy a listen the podcast is available now.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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