Indiegogo crowd funding update

Day 1

  • Raised so far: £0
  • Need to raise: £9,500
  • Days left: 31
  • Confidence: High

On Day 1 of my Indiegogo crowd funding campaign I was confident and excited that I would not only hit the £9.5k target, that we would go over it and there would be cash to increase the props budget, or give the cast and crew some money as a thank you.

Day 7

  • Raised so far: £73
  • Need to raise: £9,427
  • Days left: 24
  • Confidence: Medium

Not many pennies in the jar so far. I quickly phone my social media chap, he says it’s always slow and then gains traction. I try to stay calm, though similar feelings to those I would get when only 4 tickets were sold leading up to an Underground Comedy Club night were creeping up. I thought I should trust my team and send out more emails.

Day 14

  • Raised so far: £358
  • Need to raise: £9,142
  • Days left: 17
  • Confidence: Medium/Low

OK now I am getting really concerned, the only people who have got involved are my mum, my mother in law and other family members. Where the hell are all the comedy lovers? On a plus we have had 3 – 4 scripts come in… so at least I have something to read while I watch the days count down!

Day 21

  • Raised so far: £938
  • Need to raise: £8,562
  • Days left: 10
  • Confidence: Low

Ummm what is that funny ache in my stomach… oh yes it’s the realisation that I am not going to be able to fund this project and we will have to postpone the release date and all filming! On the up‐side we have enough money to film a sketch, but as we have already filmed a pilot and a pitch, as well as paid the social media team and Indiegogo’s fees, I am at exactly minus £1k…

Day 25

  • Raised so far: £938
  • Need to raise: £8,562
  • Days left:  10
  • Confidence: Super Low…

OK, panic stations. I contact Indiegogo and ask for an extension on the fund campaign. It clearly states as long as I do this with more than 3 days until the deadline I am allowed to extend. I check the days left… 8, phew. I send the email asking for more time and relax, I now have some more time to build up more interest.

Two days later I receive an email from Indiegogo. It must be a confirmation email… it is not! Shit I emailed them using the wrong email address! I need to send a new request!

Only 5 days left. I send another email… OK now I can relax… I get another email from them… double shit I have used the wrong email address again! Ahhhh!

2 days left go the campaign… 1 day beyond the cut off point for extensions on campaigns… I am screwed… I send one more email (checking the email address 87 times)… I get an email…

Yahoo! I have an extension until the 8th Jan 2016… phew. I think I need a drink.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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