It’s Time To Reveal Dan’s Seriously Top Secret Project


Hey everyone, I just realised I haven’t blogged for over a month! That’s so bad… but in my defence I have been working on a secret project, which I am unable to chat about until now.

So why so secretive Dan?”

Well, on a negative note, someone attempted to piggyback on my ideas and claim them as their own!

I know what your thinking! “Who would be so low?!”

Well sadly it happens all the time, and the only way to reduce this happening is to keep those ideas a lot closer to one’s chest. Another option is to get everyone involved to sign grown up pieces of paper like ‘One way non‐disclosure agreements’. Then there’s the option that allows you to confirm it was actually your idea first, and not the guy who overheard you in the pub by posting signed ‘Copyright protected concepts’ to yourself or your solicitor by special recorded delivery.

Signed and sealed Ideas

Gosh this all rather serious isn’t it! And this is feeling like the exact opposite of comedy… though once someone tries to take ownership of your hard work, you suddenly realise that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So this is basically why I have been so quiet. But now as we are days away from the launch of a crowd funding pitch to finance ‘Dan’s Top Secret Project’ I can relax and let you all know a bit more about it.

A while ago I had an idea, this idea was fuelled by a sketch comedy writing course I completed at the start of the year. After 9 months of blood, sweat and tears… ok there weren’t any tears… or sweat, and I’m really glad there was no blood! But just saying hard work didn’t feel exciting enough… Dan Tambling Comedy proudly presents it’s first ever Sketch Comedy Web‐series:

Dan Tambling Comedy - 12 Sketches in a London House

Yes ‘12 Sketches In A London House’. And it is exactly that, 12 sketches in a London house. There are 12 rooms and areas in the house, with each sketch located in a different area. The exciting part is that each area, however big or small, has to be used for a sketch and each sketch can only use that room or area.

There is even a sketch which involves the whole house. It must include all the areas and rooms to qualify. It sounds easy, but after you have written 12 perfect kitchen sketches, unless we make 12 series, you might be slightly wasting your time.

The rooms and areas are:

  1. Front Door / Hall
  2. Lounge
  3. Kitchen
  4. Dining room
  5. Rear Garden
  6. Under‐stairs cupboard
  7. Bedroom 01
  8. Bedroom 02
  9. Bathroom
  10. Landing
  11. Attic
  12. Whole House

Its all very exciting and all very scary… I have managed to take on a few more jobs that I was expecting.

I started as a script writer, then added actor to see what it felt and looked like. That led to the need for a crew, so I added producer to the list of jobs to organise all the different specialists. Props were needed to make everything more convincing so I have added art director to my job list. Props cost money, so I added executive producer to the now rather long list of jobs, as I am now funding the whole thing. I need the whole thing to look finished and yummy so I also added editor to the list… Now your probably thinking:

How the hell is Dan managing to pull off all these jobs!?”

Well, it’s taken a lot of 1:1 sessions with seriously experienced people and a lot of previously learnt skills from being an architect and project manager.

The series will be released in January 2016 and will be on a weekly basis, so everyone can enjoy it…FOR FREE!

Yes it’s a web‐series a.k.a. online, so it’s completely free to enjoy. Keep an eye out as it’s going to be good fun and if you watch it and like it. Pass it on, or even subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

But before all that happens, on the 9th Nov I will be launching a crowd funding pitch through the brilliant Indiegogo. There will be a video there explaining more about the project and how you all can get involved.

Also as we have created the pilot. We will be releasing snippets of it on the crowd funding page and if we hit our target of £9,500 we will release the pilot sketch early to all those who have helped fund the project as a special thank you.

Update: The Indiegogo crowdfunding page, and dedicated ‘12 Sketches in a London House’ page are now live!

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.


  1. Dominic Alderson

    Great job Dan! Fantastic idea. I can see you branching this out into 220 comedy sketches in a hotel, or 5 comedy sketches in a car if your budget doesn’t quite fit the first option… or a poolside sketch series. Oh man it’s endless. Great work and looking forward to seeing some videos.

    November 7, 2015 · Reply

    1. Dan

      Thank you Chris,

      There is an opportunity for sketch writers to get involve in this project. As the final 3 sketches will be written by the viewers.

      So if you have an idea or a script and you send it into us. There is a chance it will be professionally filming, lit, actor, edited even colour grade. Now would that be a massive asset for anyones comedy writing career.

      I will be sending out a blog soon about how writers can get involved. Dan

      November 7, 2015 · Reply

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