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I just booked my first 5 min Gig!

You’ll recall that at the beginning of the course one of the first things Hals told us was to book 5 min open mic slots now. Book three a week, every week.

So naturally I… didn’t book anything… crap I wish I had.

Now, two months later, I have to get onto this and book some gigs. Time Out have a comedy section where I found a selection of the venues in London who host the best open mic nights.

  • Angel Comedy @ the Camden Head
  • Comedy Cafe Theatre @ Shoreditch
  • Up the Creek on Creek Rd / Downstairs @ the King’s Head
  • The Freedom Fridge Comedy Night @ The Torriano
  • Pear shaped Comedy Club @ Fitroy Tavern
  • Rudy’s Comedy Night @ Rudy’s Revenge Covent Garden.

I’ve also been given a link for the Crying Duck @ Simmons in King’s Cross

I emailed all of them with the hope that they’d all want me to start next week. Well as long as one person got back to me with a date within the next 12 months, I would be over the moon.

The next few hours were tense, I checked my phone every 30 seconds desparate to hear from someone, anyone. Then a few hours later I received a positive polite email from a guy known as Barry, my new best friend, from Angel Comedy. He had a slot for me, in fact he had two! Either the 5th or 9th of March.

I’m in, I’m up and running, I’m off. Hang on a second, that’s almost 2 months away! Christ, if I can only get one gig every two months, I could be in a bit of trouble. I better try contacting those venues again, maybe I should try using the phone this time.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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