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Let’s go portable…with a little help from FringeHire

I’m still having problems at the venue for the Underground Comedy Club with the speakers and mics etc.

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  • Month 1: The mics kept cutting out and were abandoned.
  • Month 2: New cordless mics also happily funked up, though I think that was a battery issue! Oops…
  • Month 3: Decided on no mics as venue seemed compact enough, resulting in upset comics!
  • Month 4: It’s time to bring in my own system!

Yes that’s right, I’ve decided that I need to remove the venue’s system from the equation and therefore I need to find my own system. I priced up a new system and speakers, but soon realised I had nowhere to store them, and carrying them from Kew to Notting Hill would be impossible and also a slightly stupid idea. Then I remembered i’d come across a hire company whilst working on my Camden Fringe show. Fringehire were about to come to my rescue, loaning me some speakers and PA system, and also reducing my stress levels.

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The reason why my stress levels were a little higher than normal was that I would be running the 4th Underground Comedy Club night solo! As my faithful sidekick and buddy Susan Husband was unavailable!

As I arrive we test out all of the equipment and it’s all good. The reason for the cut‐outs on the mics could be any number of things, but what’s important is to have as few connections between the mic and the PA system as possible.

Inside the FringeHire Headquaters - its very funky

Inside the Fringehire Headquarters — It’s very funky

The portable PA system they showed me is extremely slick, and with a few extra long leads we will be rocking on Thursday.

It only costs £40 for the day or £160 for the week. It’s a bargain and if anyone needs some compact equipment give FringeHire a shout.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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