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Michael McIntyre’s Chat Show

Can you believe it we are off to the TV studio’s on the South Bank, London to watch the Michael McIntyre Chat Show LIVE!

Michael McIntyre Chat show -

Michael McIntyre Chat show — with Tinie Tempah, Joanna Lumley and Richard Madeley

That’s right we will be part of the audience for the 3rd show in Michael McIntyre’s Chat Show. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s seriously cold! After standing outside for 45mins in gale force winds we are now sitting in the studio, in the 4th row! Armed with a bottle of water and a seriously bright top, we are ready to do some serious laughing.

I have no idea what to expect, Roshan (my cousin) has just informed me, he’s put my name in to be involved in the show! Shit now I wish I had practiced my 5 mins of material!

Ok the audience is filling up. And to be honest everyone looks like they belong on TV. Christ it’s like everyone’s a pro audience person.

All the staff seem focused and direct. Every now and again a slick well dressed person walks across the stage. Has it started? Are they in the show?… No it’s just a runner. Phew.

The filming went on for 4hrs! And my god it was funny. There were plenty of moments that were spontaneous and very good, I’m amazed they can cut it all down to just 1hr! I have to be honest, though, being asked to laugh and clap harder in certain parts was really frustrating. We even filmed one part 4 times as the cheers and claps were just not American enough!

One of the best parts was a girl in the audience deciding to leave because her Canadian friends were visiting, and they hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks. Michael felt this was the best heckle he had ever had. Especially as we were all asked to not leave the studio or even get out of our seats as it might look a little bad on the cameras if people were seen leaving the building!

Both Tinie Tempah and Joanna Lumley were relaxed and funny with Richard Madeley being slightly more serious and to the point. I highly recommend going to a live audience event, for any of the big shows. It’s good fun and it’s free!

Michael McIntyre Chat Show - Wrist Band

Michael McIntyre Chat Show — Wrist Band 

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