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Need to see some MCs in action; I’m off to the Comedy Store, Soho

Tonight we’re off to the Comedy Club in Soho, and even though it might sound like fun and games, it’s actually for business, as I need to watch some pro MCs in action.

Comedy Club image

There’s no way I’m just going to jump on stage as MC on the 15th May in the Prince Edward Notting Hill with just my willy in my hand (and possibly a mic) and hope for the best. I need to be prepared and look like I know what I’m doing.

On the bill tonight will be Alan Cochrane as MC.

Comic - Alan Cochrane

So let’s sit back and watch how he controls, entertains and informs the audience. It’s a different role to Mr or Mrs Comedian, with a need to produce a lot of new material every week. As well as being spontaneous as the position involves a lot more interaction with the audience who tend to come out with a variety of responses.

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