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Lets get organised, I need a desk!

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I’m finding it difficult to get stuck into sketching comedy ideas while working off the dining table, mainly as I have to keep putting my stuff away each day. This usually results in things going missing and momentum being lost. Therefore I have decided to create a mini design space for my 1hr a day of creativeness in the attic.

Ok, so the first thing I need is a desk, no, a drawing board. Yeah one of these architectural ones we had in the good old days when everything was in black and white!

Old school Drawing board

Old school drawing board

Next I need somewhere to store paper and sketch ideas. Why not get one of those plan chests! Yahoo, this is going to be the best new funky design space for Dan ever!

Old school plan chest

Old school plan chest

Balls, I just measured my stairs and there’s no way I can get either of these items up into the attic/new funky design space for Dan. Ok, after a lot of searching I found an A1 desk‐mounted drawing board and an old school plan chest that comes in two halves! Yahoo. I’m off to pick it up now.

Ummm right so here is the plan chest…

Plan chest... what a pile of shit!

Plan chest… what a pile of shit!

Obviously at present it looks like a large pile of shit. Though after some wire wool rubbing and bees wax waxing I’m going to give it, it’s going to look seriously amazing…

Ok, just to be clear I have never wire wooled in my life, I remember doing it to door knobs when I was a kid, though that might have been more of an attempt to make electricity or fire, rather than clean the actual knob!

Then the bees wax part… this could go one of two ways and we will not find out until I get it home. Now how the hell am I going to get this onto the tube?

Luckily I have hire a ‘Man with a Van’ and he should be here any second.

45 mins after purchase: So I’m still standing on the street waiting for the ‘Man with a Van’ guy to arrive.

1hr 15mins after purchase:  Great, ‘Man with a Van’ is here! He’s so late I can’t even remember what I was doing!

72hrs after purchase: This plan chest stinks! It smells of musty damp wood, and everything it comes into contact with now has the same smell. I had to put it outside as the whole ground floor of my house now smells of it!

3 weeks after purchase: The plan chest has been in the shed for a while now. Sadly the shed is now infected with the smell and the only option is to blow the shed up.

4 weeks after purchase: Ok I have washed, wire wooled, sanded, washed again, a little more sanding, and finally applied a healthy coat of bees wax over every surface. The smell has reduced and even though I am still going to blow up the shed for safety reasons, the chest now looks like this:


I suppose this means I actually have to do some of that work people keep going on about.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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  1. Kellie A.

    I have a desk just like this, the old part and everything this is the only other picture that I have seen one like it.

    February 12, 2019 · Reply

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