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Oh no, I have lost my dictaphone…

I’m back from my trip to Bali and as usual I can’t find or remember anything of my normal everyday life.

I seem to leave London all organised and focused. I know what I’m doing and what I need to do, I even know what day is it, usually. Though once I’m in holiday mode, I struggle to even remember my own name, let along the combination code to the house alarm system at three in the morning while it’s pouring with rain and I’ve been on a flight for 12 hours.

This time is no different. I have my comedy course tomorrow, which I changed my flights for so I wouldn’t miss another session, and as usual, I can’t find anything. Is this actually my flat? Ah yes, I recognise that wine stain on the silk rug I created during a boys night that I think I have gotten away with.

Anyway I can’t find my dictaphone! This is bad, and I mean really bad. This is like being without toilet paper in a bathroom situation. I do have a back up, but it’s sound quality is a little like my nan’s selective hearing.

I have used a dictaphone for years now, and I would say he’s my faithful companion, we go everywhere together, well apart from Bali, otherwise I wouldn’t have lost him.

Anyway a dictaphone is a brilliant tool, especially for blackmail. No seriously, I have been using it to record my comedy course sessions as there is only so much info I can take in. I’ll also need my dictaphone to record all my upcoming gigs.

I’d recommend this to everyone who performs, as I’ve noticed when you’re performing the whole thing is a bit of a blur. I couldn’t even tell you if anyone laughed during the set sometimes, I’m so focused on what I saying.

I’ve also noticed that even though I’ve written something down, I often come up with much slicker funnier stuff on the spot. This would be lost if I do not record myself each time I’m on stage, even just practicing I feel it’s important to record it.

I wish I could record all my conversations with friends in the pub, because there is so much gold dust when friends get together.

Anyway, I couldn’t find my dictaphone in time for the comedy course session, so I had to use my other dictaphone, which I didn’t realise was almost full of other stuff and was filled up about an hour into the 6hr session… balls.

I’ve now ordered a new dictaphone, goodbye £44.99. God I hope it arrives in time. Usually the lost item turns up the second the new product arrives in the house as if it suddenly gets jealous.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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