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I’m getting a train to Manchester to get some professional photos done (well a mate’s doing them…) WHY? I hear you ask. Well stand‐up comedy is rather visual, so as part of my website I want a few photos of me.

Now what I do not want are those massive grinning cat ones, that you usually want to punch. Nor do I want the ‘I’m accidentally posing, whilst deep in thought and look insanely cool’. Nor do I want the ‘crawling up the sand towards the camera in a bikini’ photos.

Just ‘relaxed and normal, or a bit of fun’ photos of me being… me.

Armed with a few different outfits I’m ready (sadly, the Power Ranger and Desperate Dan outfits are in the wash, so I have had to go with normal clothes). The train’s at 10am so I find myself getting distracted with unnecessary tasks until almost 9:30am before rushing out the door. I’d decided to wear one of the t‐shirts so it wouldn’t get creased. Now as I run down the street I’m thinking perhaps getting a little creased is better than getting a little damp!

With 37 seconds to spare, I jump onto the almost‐moving train and off we go. Hang on a minute, where’s my outfits bag?

Photoshoot - Dan Tambling a little tired up -

Photoshoot — A little tied up

Photo Shoot - Dan Tambling the risk taker....ish

Photoshoot — The risk taker… ish

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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