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A Quick Regroup: How am I doing?

The story so far…

Since starting this new little adventure I’ve met a lot of very interesting people, most of whom were super nice and supportive, a few a little more… self loving.

I started out not really having a clue about what to do and where, how, or even what to perform!

After the comedy course I was up and ready, though in the real world of comedy, there is no one there to hold your hand, or tell you where the A4 paper is once the printer runs out, like in most normal jobs. If you don’t go looking for gigs then you will not get to do any actual performing. If you don’t focus on the writing of material or grabbing that idea as it comes to you on the street, no one else will.

After the course I tried out an open mic night and really struggled. Clearly I had a long way to go. Though as I kept trying out material and writing different stuff, slowly, and I do mean slowly, things actually started to slot into place.

I would get a few belly laughs here and there. Sometimes at times when I was least expecting it or from an off the cuff comment I hadn’t even written!

It’s been an adventure experiencing the fear/excitement build up a few days before each gig, and with me setting up my own monthly comedy night ‘Underground Comedy Club’ the pressure is happily with me all month!

With everyone at the moment up at the Ed Fringe having the time of their lives, I feel I need to step it up a gear and even more involved in my new found love of comedy.

So what is the next step?

  • Increase the number of gigs to 2 each week, so that it becomes much more of a routine.
  • Create an actual space within my house dedicated to the comedy writing.
  • Force myself to create a solid 10min set every month.
  • Enter a competition and survive the first round!

Lets see if I am eating those words in the next couple of week! Ha ha!

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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