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Prep for 5 min dry run

OK, so we’ve been asked to create 5 mins of material, as a run‐through for the showcase next week.

I really enjoyed the mind mapping idea as it’s much more visually orientated. Something I’m much more used to working with from the architectural world. I started with a list of ideas I wanted to write about.

Mind Mapping - All the ideas I wanted to explore

Mind Mapping — All the ideas I wanted to explore

I then expanded on all of them to see where they would go, with the aim of choosing 1 or 2 and developing further. I would then develop the rest and try out over the next few weeks.

AHHHH too many Mind Maps

AHHHH! Too many Mind Maps!

Shit, I thought doing a few was a good idea, now I’m totally overwhelmed and running out of time. It’s not until Sunday morning (once again 2hrs before the course starts) that I decide to run with the Nan stories. I decide to create a story board and see what happens

Story board of ideas in regards to my nan

Story board of ideas in regards to my nan

I then grabbed my mic, switched on the dictaphone and for 2hrs just went over and over different ideas in relation to the images I had created. After about 10 false starts I finally started to just let the stories roll into each other. 5 mins is not a lot of time, so I had to keep removing parts, which were just waffle and stick to the detail.

Once I was fairly confident I jumped on the tube. There was no more time to practice or experiment. I wrote 12 bullet point words on my hand to remind me of the next part of the mini story in case I forgot (which I did, though it was fine) and performed the set.

It felt relaxed and much more interesting than anything I had done so far on the course. I felt a mini buzz once I had finished. There was plenty to tweak and alter, though it was on the whole, fairly good stuff. I’m going to stick with this material and practice adding more detail into parts I felt were a little flat, and also add a stronger ending as at the moment it’s needing one.

Now where’s my mic?

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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