Random Thought: Update of Camden Fringe Progress

Nothing… absolutely nothing.

Crumbs this is not going well, so I decide I should contact the venues directly and see if they have anything available. With my slight fear of phones, I go for the next best thing… Twitter!

I tweet both the Camden Head and the Canal Cafe Theatre.

Christ, both get back to me instantly; wow Twitter is good! They both advise me do go through the Camden Fringe applications online and they’ll get back to me!

I have done the applications, but I can’t wait for this. I need to get this sorted asap so I can spend the next 4 months slowly slipping into a mental breakdown about how an hour long performance is for the bigger boys, and I am seriously out of my depth.

But after watching Michael McIntyre’s Chat Show, something Richard Madeley said has stuck: “I decided to no longer be afraid of being afraid”.

Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley

So todays motto is “I will no longer be afraid of being afraid”.

And with that I am now going to phone the Camden Fringe Hotline! Wish me luck.

Ok no answer… balls. Though strangely I’ve just received an email stating that the deadline for the 31st March is only for the Camden Fringe Applications and all venues will be contacted shortly in regards to spots this week.

Ok, lets relax a bit and have a think of what the hell I’m going to do for an hour on stage!

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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