When is the Opening date for the script writing competition?

The Opening date is midday on the 4th April

When is the deadline for the script writing competition?

The Deadline is midnight on the 4th June

I made a mistake in a script I entered can I update it and send it in again?

Once a script has been entered into the competition, we are unable to make any changes or updates. A script can re-entered though it will be recorded as a new script entry and therefore a new entry fee will be required.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announce very shortly after the 4th June

If I win what happens next?

The winning Script writers will be invited to meet with the core writing team and script editor to finalise the scripts at the filming location.

Are the main characters the same in every sketch?

All 12 sketches are stand-alone sketches, therefore there is no link between the character or what happens in any of the sketches. The main link is that all the sketches are created within the same SHED and that each sketch must relate to the chosen area.

Will there be recurring characters in Series 2?

There will be recurring character in series 2, though they are not part of the competition.

Can Dan Tambling play any character or accent?

Yes Dan loves doing different characters and is trained in multiple accents. Feel free to create whatever characters you wish. The crazier the better.

Which area is involved in the competition?

There is only one area within this competition. The SHED.


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