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I wanted to do this via a vlog, but as I’m abroad the internet is a little slow (it said it would take 11 days and 781 mins to upload my video onto Youtube!) Therefore I will just write a normal blog for now. It’s a pity as I spent about 4 hours today creating that bloody video which was possibly the best vlog the world would have ever seen…

Oh well, here’s the written version…

Today is the announcement of the shortlist for the script-writing competition for the second series of ’12 Sketches’ (12 Sketches in a Shed). But before I announce the list, I want to thank everyone who has entered the competition and believed in us and the series enough to want to get involved. We have had even more scripts than the previous competition for series 1, yahoo!

Equally exciting, we recognised lots of you who originally entered for series 1, and you have clearly used the feedback we gave you to create much more structured scripts which is so great to see.

That’s because this improvement is the real point of the competition, it’s not about me being too lazy to write material, like a few people have mentioned on Facebook and Twitter. It’s about giving writers an opportunity to get their work out of that top drawer where is has been sitting for 3 years and in front of people who can turn that brilliant script into a professionally filmed sketch.

We did it for the 3 winners in Series 1 and we are more than happy to do it again.

Originally I intended to give the shortlisted finalists 7 days to re-write their scripts after receiving feedback (which will also be with them today or tomorrow depending on the internet here…), but as we want you to create the best scripts possible, and for us to support you as best as possible, I am extending the seven days to 3 weeks. Therefore the new deadline is 2nd July.

And if that’s not enough, you lucky shortlisters are allowed to send your scripts to the ‘Dan Tambling Comedy Script Editing Team’ during that three week period to get a quick bit of feedback to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Though please don’t contact us daily! We feel once or twice will be fine before handing in what will be a DYNAMITE SCRIPT!

We will then announce the three chosen scripts on the 9th July.

Cool, right all the serious stuff out of the way, let’s get on with announcing the shortlist for 12 Sketches In A Shed. In no particular order, the 12 shortlisted sketches are:

  • Paul Mohan: ‘Shed your Anger’
  • Steve Lee: ‘Mouse Infestation’
  • Neil Benson: ‘Tomato Plants’
  • Travis Jamie: ‘Torture in a Shed’
  • Soneil Inayat: ’12 Comedy Sketches in a Shed’
  • Alex Perry & Stephen Smith: ‘Shedding Time’
  • Lucy Mordini: ‘Very good school’
  • Kieran Atherton: ‘Combat Training by Bilinski’
  • Kieran Atherton: ‘Mr Bumble’

Good luck shortlisters and a massive thank you to everyone else. We will once again have a competition for Series 3, so if you haven’t already please subscribe to the Dan Tambling Comedy newsletter so we can keep you updated.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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