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My 2nd ever Gig! — Tommyfields (Kennington, London)

I was still playing with the idea of using all new material for my second gig. This was a risk, I knew that I should stick with my first set. Was I about to make the same mistake as Michael McIntyre and blow it big time?

Michael McIntyre - British Comedy Legend

Michael McIntyre — British Comedy Legend

The stakes were higher this week as more chums were coming and I really wanted to please them. So my major dilemma was the fact that some people had come to the 1st gig and I felt I would be letting them down if I repeated the only material they had ever seen me do!

But I had some great news, as the chums who came last week were busy, so I could do my initial set again without feeling like I had let them down…

Right, with confidence dropping rapidly, I am going with the tried and tested stuff. There is a lot riding on it. This in my eyes was make or break. If I flopped tonight it would be very difficult to convince everyone, including myself, that I was going to make it to the next level.

While all my friends were downstairs having dinner, which they told me was excellent, we were upstairs setting up the room for the show of our lives… ish.

The Tommyfield's Pub in Kenington - Excitement Food

The Tommyfield’s Pub in Kenington

I was on door duty tonight, learning the ropes for when I’m running my own night. It was quite easy, I just made up a price and people paid it, I then took half for me and half for the show… ha ha.

Only joking, it was £5 a head and putting all my GCSE’s maths skills to the test I was fine. It was a sell out, the room was full. Including the comics performing there was an audience of 50! Oh shit, that is a lot of people…

The Beautiful Audience

The beautiful audience

The slightly nervous, though slightly excited, but mostly nervous Comics

The slightly nervous, though slightly excited, but mostly nervous, comics

The night was in full flow, I was in the second half, so I had at least an hour to forget everything, then remember everything only to forget it all again!

As I stood in the wings listening to Logan Murray building me up I was full of excitement, I couldn’t wait to get onto the stage and make these 50 new friends laugh.

Dan Tambling - Stand up @ the Tommyfields in Kennington

Dan Tambling — Stand up comedy @ Tommyfields in Kennington


Dan Tambling — Stand up comedy @ Tommyfields in Kennington

The first thing that went through my head as I stood there in front of everyone was “Shit that’s a lot of people”, I then realised I had said that out loud!

The set went even better than last week, I couldn’t believe it. Even though I did completely forget what I want to say several times and had to refer to the hand notes, I managed to pull it off, I was much more nervous before I started than last week, though I did feel more relaxed once I was performing. I once again played with the mic cable, but I’m now convinced it’s more the fact that I’m moving the cable around so it’s nice and neat… I’ll keep trying to stop that habit.

I want to say an extra thank you to all my friends who traveled from all parts of the UK to come and support. Benji Jones, Ben Copping, Ed Crockett, Rory Harmer, Sarah Reason, Jethro Hubbard, Laura Wheat, Dasha Popstar, Roshan Doostdar, Sophie Allen, and Will Proctor.

It was a great night and each comic went up and did their stuff. There was lots of laughs, lots of whoops and plenty of clapping. After the show we all celebrated and I think I got a little carried away as we didn’t actually get to bed until 3am… shit I wish someone had reminded me it was Monday tomorrow! Oh god here comes the hangover…

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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