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Sketch group Comedy v Stand Up Comedy

Gosh, I never thought I would be making this decision. I remember making a bold statement about 12 months ago that I had no interest in Sketch Group Comedy and I was only ever interested in Stand Up Comedy.

Though once again I’m having to eat my words, as I am now deciding whether Stand Up Comedy is the way forward and whether Sketch Group Comedy is actually more my style.

The main positive of Sketch Group Comedy is that I have an idea and I run with it. I keep all the spontaneous energy and excitement and just run with it. I mess about with what could happen in that situation to make it funny, silly or both. Then in theory it’s done and I am onto the next idea. I have captured it. There are no restrictions by who I am, what I look like or my background. The idea in a way is free to be, whatever it wants, wherever it wants. It doesn’t even have to be limited in time or space.

Today’s sketch could be on the moon and tomorrow’s could be two mice in a pub. Could I have this freedom in Stand Up? would the audience believe what I am saying and accept it and find it funny if I tried to jump from one extreme to the other? no sadly not, in Stand Up the material really needs to link, to make sense, to be believable, otherwise the audience decide its not true and do not follow you the rabbit hole.

Also Stand Up Comedy is a bit lonely if I am honest. I write material alone, then decide what is funny alone. Walk on stage alone, and let the audience of that night decide my materials fate. Though if there were two or three or even eleven people bouncing ideas off each other in a group that would not only be more fun though keep those dark thoughts of doubt at bay.

So it seems obvious which direction to go right?

Well the only thing to keep in mind is that is you are in a group, you have to work in a group. Give up a % of control to the group, accept the direction the group wants to move in and so on. With this in mind, Stand Up is completely free to do whatever they choose. Write and perform whatever they feel is right for them on the night.….

This is a tough decision. Though I’m sure you are thinking, “Well why can’t you do both?” 

Well I would love to, though I have learnt over the years that, I either do one thing well, or several things badly. If I want to make this work, I have to focus purely on one goal and see where it leads.

Therefore I have decided to spend the next 12 months focusing on.…..(o god this is an ‘I’m going to be eating my word’ moment again I can feel it)

Sketch Group Comedy

That’s right I have decided that I will be putting Stand Up on hold for the next 12 months and be focusing purely on Sketch Comedy.

And I know just the project to work on.….

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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