100 Stamps Booklet 11/100: Angela Barnes Sole Show (Soho Theatre, London)

I have never been to the Soho Theatre, so I’m well up for tonight’s show.

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Angela Barnes is performing her Ed Fringe 1hr show in London over the next 4 nights and she had kindly sent me 4 tickets to come and watch.

Angela Barnes - Headliner at the Underground Comedy Club 12th June

Angela Barnes — performing her Ed Fringe show at the Soho Theatre

We’re in the front row, in the middle. I used to be terrified of sitting in the front, second or even third row in case the comic spoke to me. But now I feel calm and relaxed. It’s actually the comic who is being watched not the audience. The comic could pick on the front row, but it would have to be funny and not mess with the comic’s timings.

The night was fun, and Angela mixed normal stand up with projector images and still videos. She also used props to help the audience visualise her stories and finished on a funky dance.

I was hoping there would be a mini break in the middle as after an hour my ass was hurting and my beer had run out, leaving me holding an empty plastic cup for 25mins!

The other thing I noticed is that the material is personal to Angela and it convinced me that what is being said actually happened. Sadly not all comics pull this off leaving the audience in a state of frustration as the situation is so ridiculous and un‐believable that it becomes a very long painful hour indeed.

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