Time to raise some funds: Introducing our INDIEGOGO campaign

As usual, anything worth doing is worth doing properly right? The only downside in doing things properly, is that it usually involves large amounts of coin. And ’12 Sketches in a London House’ is no exception.

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To have a well‐written script, which has been reviewed by a script editor, filmed, lit and sound recorded by a team of skilled people behind the camera, performed by actors who have make up and hair people keeping them looking great, while a continuity PA is making notes for the editor and colour graders to use to make everything and slick as possible, means large amounts of coin…

One option would be to fund the whole thing myself… and I have done that up until now in setting everything up and creating the pilot. I 100% believe in the project and was happy to put my money where my mouth was. But multiply that investment by another 11 sketches and I will be a rather broke chap.

Therefore with the pilot complete and everything in place, I need to gain support from outside the group from a lot of people, maybe even a crowd of people. I need to find a large enough group of people who love comedy and being creative as much as I do.

Say hello to INDIEGOGO. They do just that, through the process of crowd funding.


But I can’t even download an app, let alone create a crowd funding campaign, so I need to get my trusted social media guy on board: Sam Martin‐Ross owner of Digital Uncut.

Within no time at all the campaign page was ready to go live… shall we press the launch button? Whoa whoa whoa, there’s a little more to it than asking for lots of money!

Firstly, we need an accurate total amount. In our case, this figure is £9,500.

OK, now I need to explain why I am doing this, and why anyone would want to get involved. So we put together a short video to show we are actually human and are passionate about what we are creating:

Supporter Perks

Our next consideration is how to to thank people for their support. A great way would be to offer perks, which are unique in relation to the sketch show.

Physical things like scripts, props or a 12 page colouring book. Experiences like a half day 1:1 session, learning about sketch comedy and performing comedy. Or actively getting involved, like naming a character in a script or even being an extra!

These are one off experiences, things you can’t buy off the shelf. Imagine if you were credited at the end of a sketch as the executive producer.

Wait there’s more…

Script Writers Wanted!

The series will be promoted by the British Comedy Guide, and three out of the 12 sketches’ scripts are up for grabs. This means any three publicly submitted scripts have potential to be developed and filmed as part of a series to be watched by thousands!

The scripts must be a maximum of 3 minutes long and are for the following sketch locations; Dining room, Under‐stairs Cupboard or Garden.

To enter the script competition, just choose the £5 ‘Script entry with Feedback’ perk and you will also get feedback from me.

Alternatively you can choose the £50 ‘Send 3 Scripts, Extra Feedback’ perk and get feedback from Chris Head, a professional script editor with over 25 years experience in the industry.

After that, please submit your script(s) on ‘Scripts’ page (you can also find full guidelines for the script on there). Please use either CELTX (a free script writing package) or Final Draft to format your script correctly.

If you want to find out more check out my crowd funding campaign now!


Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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