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The Timing and Layout of the Comedy Night…

There always seems to be at least 3 more things to do to get the Underground Comedy Club night on the 15th May up and running.

I’m tackling the timings and layout of the acts. It makes it a bit more tricky as I have 2 paid pro art (Ian Stone and Paul Ricketts) who will be doing gigs at other venues in London and therefore have been booked in at certain times.

I also have the dilemma of 1 interval or 2?

I was going for 2 intervals so I could keep the timings under control by tweaking the interval timings, and also more booze will be consumed, but that does mean less comedy. So I have decided to go for 1 interval as that give me more time and I can add an additional 5min act in too.

Here are the timings and layout for the first ever comedy Night at the Underground comedy Club…

Underground Comedy Club - Line Up 15th May 2014 copy

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