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Train home from Gig 16

I’m on the train home from Gig 16. I’m thinking as I am MC at the next Underground Comedy Club this set will go down well in Notting Hill, especially my new funky t‐shirt.

Dan Tambling - Notting Hil Carnival Set T-shirt

And my slightly random positive diary:

Dan Tambling - Notting Hill Carnival Set Diary

Although more new material is needed, I will be on stage for 30 mins (10 mins start, 10 min after first interval and 10 mins spread out in between comics.) Therefore I need to get stuck into the next part of the living together material ASAP.

I can’t do any of that yet though as I have the Laughing Horse competition heats tomorrow night.

I’ve decided that instead of doing a mini version of my Notting Hill Carnival set, I would sew my shorter jokes from all my sets together instead.

Its a long shot, but I think it’ll be more successful as competitions prefer more quick short jokes than stories.

Only the winner will go through to the final and the other 12 comics will be going home. Obviously I would love to get through to the final, though, at the moment I’m still happy to gigs and getting laughs.

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