Launch of a new Sketch Group: Two Sugars

Exciting news, we’ve decided that it is all go for our sketch group: Two Sugars 

Two Sugars 02

What… hang on a second, what, where did this come from??

Good question, well whilst doing the sketch show course at City Lit. I met a few like minded peopleCity Lit logo

I loved the energy of working in a group of other comedy loving individuals who were also interested in creating sketch show comedy at the same time and having a bit of a laugh.

Like Logan Murray always says: “Jokes always come out of play”. It’s the relaxed playful part that allows the humour to flow instead of trying to force it.

So yes, we all sat down and decided we should do this and bang, Two Sugars was born. And what better than a fringe festival to get the team motivated and creative juices flowing.

Obviously Edinburgh Fringe springs to mind, but it is so far away from London and costs a lot of money. Therefore we have decided to take it a little slower and will be looking to the Camden Fringe in London.

Camden Fringe 2015 logo

I know what your thinking… ummm Dan, didn’t you apply for this last year and then pull out last minute? Yes that is true, but there were quite a few things stacked against me in my personal life. This time I have cleared the diary and have learnt a lot over the previous year. Not forgetting I am in a group this time, so we can all use eachother’s energy to keep the momentum going. It’s going to be great.

All we need to do is apply. Oh and before I forget, our show is called Neighbourhood Watch, so watch out for it, it’s going to be brilliant.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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