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Underground Comedy Club presents Angela Barnes

It’s game on, here we go. I announce the “5mins before the comedy will begin” and sit back in my seat. The room is full… of chairs! Shit, where the hell are all the people, the fans, the people I gave free tickets to!?

Sadly tonight is also the opening game of the World Cup!


What kind of idiot tries to compete against the World Cup!

OK, in my defence, I had already booked the pro acts and printed the flyers and blah blah blah before I realised it was the opening game of the World Cup, so I had little choice otherwise I would have lost a fair amount of cash changing everything.

Turns out I actually lost more money putting the event on!.. Hopefully that’s a lesson learnt.

Luckily the 15 people who did join us on the night had a great time, they didn’t have to queue for the bar, they could sit where they liked and it felt like they were being entertained in their own front rooms.

I had reduced the acts to 4 this time around as we had really gone over on time last month. Something I was really focused on, possibly too much as we finished 15 mins ahead of schedule!

Matt Rees opened the night and got us up and running. He talked about a book he found in his parent’s bedroom for foreplay of all things, crumbs I hope his parents weren’t in the audience! Matt’s dry humour worked well with the relaxed feel of the room and it’s always nice to see a Welsh comic on stage, and yes being Welsh I am completely biased and would happily book him again even if he was crap! Ha ha (he wasn’t).

UCC Matt Rees Performing

I’d actually been on stage before Matt, being the MC for the night, but I seemed completely distracted. Not the best start to the night and to be honest my attention span didn’t get any better. As a result I had to do what I could to just survive.

Luckily the 2 middle acts were good fun and Angela Barnes was brilliant.

Angela Barnes - Headliner at the Underground Comedy Club 12th June

Angela Barnes — Headliner at the Underground Comedy Club 12th June

People laughed and some even cried. Angela has a great rhythm to her material, she seems to pause for the laughs, though only briefly before carrying onto the next piece even before the laughing has ended. This resulted in some people not get any time in‐between their laughs! Christ imagine that? That would be like a dream come true.

The night was a success, the audience enjoyed themselves and I met more professional comics, being exposed to their silky skills on stage and learning plenty of valuable lessons. Roll on 17th July when we will have Christian Reilly headlining and Milo McCabe Opening.

After chatting to Angela we both felt it would be good to add more pro acts next month and drop the ticket price. I’d increased the ticket price to cover the overheads and had clearly raised them too high. Next month the tickets will be back to the original price of £10 on the door and £8 advanced. The main goal is to get 60 people through the door every month for the next few months. I must focus on building a following and aim to just cover costs, otherwise we will be closing the doors on the Underground Comedy Club before its had a chance to take off.

Head over to the Underground Comedy Club page to grab a ticket for the night.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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