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Underground Comedy Club, Notting Hill is now every Thursday

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Oh man, I am really torn, do I go weekly? Or do I go fortnightly… or call it a day?

Weekly means it’s all go and and it’s the best option for building a following. Fortnightly is the next step for any sane person. But I can’t help thinking fortnightly is not committing 100% and therefore there’s a chance it will be just the same as monthly.

Call it a day.…well that would be the easiest option, but I have all the equipment, the contacts, acts all booked in, the flyers, the website…

So I decided the only way to get the Notting Hill venue rocking is to go weekly

Week 1: Ticket sales are a massive 2!

Shit this is bad, what am I going to do ?

I put a few people on the guest list, but as usual they pulled out due to sudden illness and tiredness. 2 of the biggest killers on Londoners.

Total on the night: 9

Umm… this is bad, really bad. Ok let’s not panic, it’s been 2 months since the last gig, so momentum is going to build back up again right?

Week 2: Ticket sales: 10

Ok, better though still quite concerned.

Total on the night: 22…

Ok so that’s a big improvement on last week, but still 10 people off an OK‐sized audience. Fingers crossed for next week.…..

Week 3: Ticket sales: 8

No comment…

Total on the night: 16


Was weekly a bad idea? Is Notting Hill a bad idea? Is running a comedy night a bad idea?

Ok on the plus side, the gigs are all Recommended in TimeOut London. Everyone who has come to the comedy in the last 3 weeks have all been new faces. Though I can’t keep on loosing cash just for fun. We need to make a decision.

  1. Call it a day today. Cancel all acts and get excited about how I am doing to spend my Thursday evenings.
  2. Ride it out until end of July as the acts are already booked in.
  3. Move locations to a new part of Notting Hill
  4. Try harder

What would you do?

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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  1. Ben C

    Glad you’ve gone weekly. People become regulars more easily at a weekly night I reckon. Keep it up!

    March 6, 2015 · Reply

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