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Underground Comedy Club presents Andre Vincent (part a)

It’s 9:30am and in only a few hours we will once again be in Notting Hill for the 4th monthly Underground Comedy Club night. Headlining tonight will be Andre Vincent, so this will be good.

UCC Aug image

I will be performing once again, but I might have a month off after this as I don’t want the Underground Comedy Club becoming the Dan Tambling show.

For the show I’ll be performing a set I haven’t actually done live before! If your wondering if this is normal, it is not! I wrote the material 2 weeks ago and started to develop it.

I booked in 2 open mic slots to try the material out, but the first night was full of umm’s and low on laughs; the exact opposite to what I was hoping for! I rewrote some stuff and tried again, but the second gig involved the infamous pen‐forgetting incident, which resulted in me getting worried about forgetting my material, and actually forgetting my material on stage!

So this leaves me in the rather sticky situation of practicing and performing material which has not been heard by anyone!

Oh god, just thinking about it makes me feel seriously sick! Do I pull out?.. or do I go for it?

The main problem is there are a lot of people coming to watch me perform tonight (mostly family and friends as I’m not convinced I have any fans just yet) and if I pull out that would be disappointing for everyone. But getting egg on my face could be much much worse!

Also, to really stress myself out I’ll be adding a visual slideshow into the mix, which I’ve also never done! As I build each visual it’s becoming a mini reminder of the material. As I’m really up against it I’ll add a lot of text, which I will read out. It’s the way I say that will give it it’s energy… right?

Ok, 28 visuals later (I have no idea how I managed to create all those in such a short space of time!) and I’m ready to rock! I have a mini remote for the laptop and enough batteries to power the whole of London for a week.

Babies gig visuals sheet

I have 4hrs until I have to leave and set up the venue. I’m surprisingly relaxed, but as this is the fourth event and I’ve almost got all the bumps have been ironed out, maybe I should be relaxed.

I grab my portable PA system and all my other gear and head for the tube. Crumbs, at this rate I could have time to run through my acts a few times at the venue.

I actually set up the room a few days ago, so I just need to quickly set up the speakers and I am good to go. I then remember I need tape to cover the wire on the floor, so pop out and buy some, I also get some food and relax. Once I get back I’ll set up the speakers and get at least 2 practices in.

Returning to the venue, I set up the speakers only to realise the leads are about 3m too short! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! This cannot be happening.

Panic kicks in as I stand there staring at the clock. 7.05pm. Oh shit, in 25mins people will be walking through that door. Ok I have a few options:

a) Kill myself

b) Run to the shop and buy a converter for the mic and link everything up to the original venue’s system and pray it doesn’t cut out halfway through the night.

Im going for ‘option b’, with ‘option a’ in the back pocket just in case…

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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