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The Underground Comedy Club presents: Ian Stone — The Day After!

Wow, what a night. As I sat in the bar after the event with a load of chums who had come and supported the night, I felt completely exhausted.

6 weeks of preparation had come to a close. It was fair to say it was a complete success. The acts where great, the audience were great and the staff were very supportive too. Everyone thanked me and my brilliant support team Susan Husband and Laura Tambling, who I can honestly say kept everything together, including myself.

Everyone said they couldn’t wait for the next comedy night on the 12th June, nor could I!

Luckily, in the audience’s eyes everything ran smoothly and was a total success. Behind the scenes was a slightly different story. The night started 15mins late as I wanted everyone settled before we kicked off. A few of the acts overran their times, and the speakers started playing up to the point where the mic was put to one side and the comics just projected their voices. And finally the audience wanted more info about the comics on stage, the name of the event and when the next comedy night was. Naturally I gave them all this info but it is usually lost in the moment.

There were so many areas to tweak and improve, which can only be learnt on‐site in the moment. I felt I planned the event well and now needed to move forward and make it even better.

Some Ideas and Feedback

  • Happy hour before and after the event
  • A fixed selection of drinks and pitchers for beer
  • 2 x 15min intervals, as a natural break happened after the opener
  • Reduce the acts to only 4 per night
  • Paper flyers to hand out on the door as people leave, promoting the next comedy night
  • Paper flyers with names of all the acts who performed on the night
  • Tighter on the timings, and indication when an act’s stage time is almost up
  • Powerpoint images to help explain the night and to help promote the up‐and‐coming events as well as each Comic and their up and coming shows etc.

Next Show: 12th June with the amazing Angela Barnes headlining and Matt Rees opening. Come and join us, it will be a great night at a great venue.

Poster : Underground Comedy Club present Angela Barnes

Poster: The Underground Comedy Club present Angela Barnes

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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