A Picture Paints A 1000 Words: Vlogging

Morning people, I have been thinking for a while now that these blogs are really taking a long time to write and re‐write, check the spelling and re‐check the spelling. Then get distracted and fail to complete a blog post only to find it in the drafts box along with quite a few others.

Also sometimes I struggle to present in words what is happening as it is actually happening. This could be due to my limited vocabulary or that I just get too excited while writing a blog post and find myself thinking about 5 sentences ahead of my little fingers, who are punching in letters as fast as possible.

Therefore I feel there must be another alternative… video blogging (v‐blogging or vlogging)

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Vlogging is the visual alternative to a written blog post. (obviously a blog post is what you are reading right now) A Vlog can be any length and like a blog post, can involve any topic under the sun.

A simple summary would be: A picture paints a 1000 words

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 10.22.57

We can get across a huge amount of information and explain something quite complicated through images instead of words. Also we live in a world now where people are too busy or too lazy to read chunks of information however funny and interesting it might be.

I usually find myself looking at a blog post or article and unless it’s something I seriously want to read, it’s unlikely I’ll get to the end… or the start.

I’ve realised that even when I am quite tired, I am happy to watch a short video clip on a website or YouTUBE off my phone and in the last week, I have watched about 300 vlogs and other tutorial videos online and I have to say, “I am loving them”.

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To sit down and watch a 5 min video clip which can project the same amount of information it would take me a hour to read, is ‘music to my eyes’… (I know the saying is ‘music to my ears’… I was just playing with words there).

Therefore I realise that this is a great way to say what I’m trying to say in my blogs, though with the added bonus of how I really feel about each topic as it will show in my body movements and facial expressions.

I suppose the bottom line is that I want to be completely honest about this journey of going from a normal office bound architect to comedy legend… so that other people can learn from all the mistakes and successes I have achieved along the way, and also to encourage them to follow their dreams however silly they might be.

There are a few rules to vlogging though,

a) Camera, Lights, Sound: I will need to use the correct equipment to capture the footage.

b) Script or Bullet points: It’s important to have a clear idea of what each vlog is about, what is important and what I want to say, not word for word, that would be crap and soulless.

c) Editing: The video clip will need to be short an punchy, any excess waffle and the famous ‘Ummmmm’ said in‐between every sentence will only bore the living daylights out of the viewers. These bits need to be removed using jump cuts. If I am chatting for 10 – 15 mins on camera, that will need to be condensed down to 3 – 5 mins otherwise people will look at the time of the clip first before deciding if they are going to invest that time.

It might sound crazy as most people watch hours and hours of mindless TV shit, though ask them to watch a video clip, which is 12 mins long and they will be rolling their eyes.

Right, the next thing to do is to write a list of topic and bullet points for each vlog and get started. Keep an eye out for my first ever vlog.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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