What style of Voice do I have?

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In the the final session of the Voiceover course at City Lit today, we looked at what type of voice we all have and areas of the voiceover world it could be best suited.

It was really interesting as none of us have really thought ‘what type of voice do I have?’

Most people state they can’t stand their own voices, so having a group talk about your voice in front of you must sound like an absolute nightmare!

It was actually really interesting and fun, as people shouted out words they felt captured each person’s voice.

For my voice, the group came up with the following:

Confident / Comic / Playful/ Conversational / Fruity / Savvy / Sarcastic / Laid Back / Managing Director / Warm / Silky / Casual / Smooth / Sexy / Natural / Intelligent / Energy 

And from those we had to choose two which best described my voice. Just two! And it was from a fixed list. So Sexy / Savvy and Playful were not options sadly.

Also to be even more specific, these two words would need to describe the Quality and Character of the voice. And would you like to know what the group went for to describe Dan Tambling’s voice?

Warm (Quality) / Laid Back (Character)

I think it fits nicely… though I do think Playful and Conversational should also be in there.

And now I know my voice type where would it be best used:

Animation’ / ‘Characterisation’ / ‘Horrible Histories’ / ‘Radio Plays’ involving ‘Sleuth Characters’ / ‘Boys TV Shows’ like ‘Football Reviews’ and ‘Top Gear’ / ‘Music Show Presenting’ and other areas of ‘TV Presenting’ and supposed I sound like Robert Webb on Peep Show which is nice.

Right, feeling very energised with this new information I am off the take over the world… ish. I just need a voice reel, before any of this can happen… shit.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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