Next on the list: Voice‐over and accents courses

New day, new course or should I say courses… voice‐overs and accents are next on the list.

So yes back to City Lit again, Christ you must think I love that place (I do).

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Voice‐overs, that sounds like fun, and actually it is. So far it has involved recording adverts you hear in the radio. Those up‐beat ones where they have a mini‐situation or dilemma and then the only answer usually involves a company in the area, who tell you all their details.

Though the adverts are usually crammed into a limited time slot (say, 30 seconds) and the info is kinda blurred together, so quickly in fact that on a good day one might just catch a few numbers like 020 7.… Only to then realise… shit! All central London companies start 020 7.…!

The trick appears to be multiple attacks. These trickle into the subconscious and before you know it you singing a song from that BLOODY ADVERT again!

Obviously there are other areas like: Audiobooks, animation, train announcements… well, basically anywhere there’s an announcement.

The accents 1:1 sessions are equally good fun. I was going to do a group course but they were too late in the evening, so I’ve decided to do them 1:1, meaning I can do them in the afternoon, yahoo!

I already have a good grasp on CockneySouth Wales, Standard English and Posh English. So no need to learn them, but I have learned:

  • Scottish Highlands/Edinburgh
  • Yorkshire
  • Norfolk
  • West Country
  • Liverpool

I’m doing an accent a week, though this week I have stepped it up to 2 accents a week! Crumbs my head is filling with lots of different ways of same the same words!

The main reason for learning all these accents is to add depth to my comedy characters. Once I have an understanding of the accent I can build character around them. Opening the door to more comedy possibilities and broadening my foundations in the performing world.

So on top of them I’m looking to learn:

  • American: General
  • American: New York
  • American: South
  • Australian
  • South African
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Northern Irish
  • Southern Irish
  • Geordie

Gosh, is this possible?”… I’ll let you know in a few weeks.

Dan Tambling is a stand-up comedian, sketch comedy writer, actor and producer of ‘12 sketches in a London house’. This is his blog.

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