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A few hours before the Underground Comedy Club presents Angela Barnes

I am much more organised this time for the Underground Comedy Club presents Angela Barnes.

06 UCC - Postcard (17th July)

I have all the little extras ready. I’ve even bought two cordless mics to remove that mic problem we had during last month’s night.

I’ve also spent a lot of time creating a PowerPoint, something a few people mentioned in the last event on the 15th May when we had Ian Stone headlining.

Sounds geeky, I know, but I’ve added it to play in the intervals and to bring up useful info for the audience. Such as who’s performing, up and coming events plus things like the mailing list details so people can get more info especially about comics they liked that night, Christ that’s another thing I need to keep on top of!

The only thing I have failed to prepare is my comedy material! I’ve just had no time, no time at all. It’s crazy I know, as if i’m about to walk on stage with just my willie in my hand.

As I walk to the venue I remember I’d promised myself I would never try and set everything up on the night of the event… crap will I ever learn?

Setting up is easy and quick, a similar layout, even the dimmer has failed on the main lights above the comic and we have no connecter for a Mac to TV! Balls, Laura has to go to the shop again and source the wires…

Oh shit, I suddenly spot one of the comics wandering around, I better look professional…

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